UNIPLAT and Smaarket Join Forces to Foster Global Innovation and Sustainable Development

UNIPLAT, the pioneering online platform dedicated to connecting researchers and entrepreneurs in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Smaarket, an initiative of Avas Digitech based in Bangalore, India. This partnership marks a significant step forward in promoting innovation, research, and entrepreneurship on a global scale.

UNIPLAT’s mission is to provide a digital haven for researchers and entrepreneurs across the world, allowing them to share their visionary ideas and research projects aligned with the United Nations’ SDGs. By facilitating this exchange, UNIPLAT aims to ensure that individuals from diverse backgrounds and regions receive equitable recognition and support for their innovative contributions.

Smaarket, the brainchild of Avas Digitech, is an advanced platform designed to empower investors, startups, and technology pioneers by offering risk assessment, investigation analytics, and a technology transfer marketplace. It strives to streamline the process of connecting funders, founders, and buyers/scouters to drive economic growth and innovation.

Through this collaboration, UNIPLAT and Smaarket are poised to create a dynamic synergy that champions both sustainability and entrepreneurship. Researchers and entrepreneurs utilizing UNIPLAT’s platform will gain access to Smaarket’s comprehensive suite of services, enabling them to not only share their transformative ideas but also explore funding, commercialization, and technology transfer opportunities.

We are very pleased to be working with Smaarket, a startup support company focusing on India, and Avas Digitech, its development and operation company, to help foreign companies expand their business in Japan. Over the past few years, we have been consulting with many Indian startups and large corporations on their expansion into Japan, so we are confident that this will be a very gratifying partnership,” said Takahisa Karita, the CFO and COO of Unify Platform AG.

Anand Kannan, CEO of Avas Digitech, expresses equal enthusiasm: “Smaarket’s mission has always been to catalyze innovation and growth. Our collaboration with UNIPLAT adds a new dimension to our efforts, enabling us to empower change-makers with the tools and resources they need to transform groundbreaking ideas into reality.”

As the world grapples with pressing challenges, the collaboration between UNIPLAT and Smaarket emerges as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the power of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development.

About Unify Platform AG

Unify Platform AG was established in Zug, Switzerland, in December 2019 with the support of the Zug government in Switzerland. The firm is the R&D and management company for UNIPLAT, whose goal is to ensure that entrepreneurial researchers worldwide are evaluated and rewarded fairly, regardless of their economic situation, geography, or affiliation, through incentives based on their innovative research, results, and excellence.

Company homepage: https://unify21.com
UNIPLAT platform: https://uniplat.social/

About Smaarket

Smaarket is an advanced platform for investors, startups, and technology pioneers. Smaarket offers risk assessment, investigation analytics, and a technology transfer marketplace to help its users make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Smaarket platform: https://beta.smaarket.com/