Establishment of an open study platform

So far, pharmaceutical research has been linked to interests and papers, and open research through collaboration​ with others tends to be limited.  However, from now on, will be an era when individual researchers can participate in shared research and also share the results.  ​ So, by creating the world‘s first research recruitment platform, more researchers and companies can collaborate and create an innovative research framework resulting in more  successful research results such as patent applications​ (conservation of research results) and the like.

Creating a mechanism for incentives for researchers to be evaluated in many ways

There are many researchers who have no opportunity to put out their research results or who lack funding and are forced to ​give up their research.  This platform is not only used for traditional research presentations at conferences or through ​scientific articles listed in Medline for example.  ​Through live stream video delivery addressing not only business or academics, but also the general public,​ researchers can present their research, including incentives and research offers from companies. ​

In addition, by providing an opportunity for ordinary people in the world to easily interact directly with various unique ​researchers a democratic financing model can be introduced, similar to crowd funding of ideas.  ​ We will promote the networking of specialized knowledge literacy, aiming for optimal distribution and leveling of knowledge ​in each area that contributes to the SDG’s and in the long term perspective – world peace.

Development of credit rating for researchers

The ruler to measure the researcher’s excellence is the citation report index based on the citation of the research ​paper for each specialized field. Such impact factor values and awards are given by academic societies and companies.​

However, in this platform, we want to evaluate researchers from several different viewpoints and create a new credit system.  ​ For that purpose, we will develop a system that can be reviewed by universities and companies in addition to ​the conventional research results indicator, where the results of business collaboration, the degree of connection between ​researchers, the amount of video distribution, the number of browsers on the video platform incorporating various factors related ​to market usability, etc., by conducting AI rating and visualizing the credit information of researchers.