Mr. Tokinori Terada,  Founder and CEO

Tokinori Terada is Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Unify Platform.

Tokinori is also an engineer and has developed all equipment components such as computers and mechatronics for composite semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Therefore, he has a wide range of knowledge in chemistry, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.

Tokinori is also the CEO and Founder of Chemiteras* and runs several companies, including one with micromachining technology.

* Chemiteras : Focusing on drug development for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and rare diseases, development of environmental protection technology, development of new energy, etc.

Mr. Takahisa Karita, Co founder and CFO & COO

2004 – 2006:
Hokkaido University Graduate School of Engineering, Part-time teacher (Japan)
2007 – 2014:
Chinese Medicine Medical Research Promotion Foundation (Ministry of Health, Labor
and Welfare related organizations), Director (Japan)
2013 – 2017:
General Association NITOBE International Foundation Preparation Committee, Managing Director (Japan)
2016 – 2017:
West Los Angeles College, GIE (Global Institute for Entrepreneurship) Ambassador (USA)
2012 – 2017:
CRISEN Technology Inc (Shenzhen Stock Market Securities Code: 430218), CFO (China)
2014 – 2016:
Beijing Collaborative Clinical Pharmacology Experiment Technical Service Co., Ltd. (Organizations related to the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China), Advisor (China)
2013 – Present:
CFO of CDTEC Inc. (China)
2017 – Present:
Tsangs Group, Advisor (UK / Hong Kong)
2019 – Present:
Fight Cancer Global, Global Leadership Panel Member
2020 – Present:
SHIGERU AG, CFO (Switzerland)
2021 – Present:
General Incorporated Foundation Shared Opportunities Society, Board of Directors (Japan & USA)
2020 – Present:
Chemiteras Inc., Corporate Officer (Japan)

Dr. Torkel Falkenberg, CRO

1987 : BSc in molecular biology
1990 – 95 : PhD training, Dept of Pharmacology and Physiology, Karolinska Institutet (KI)
2010 – : Head The Research Foundation IC – The Integrative Care Science Center
2012 – : Scientific Chair of the Ekhaga Research Foundation
2012 : Board of Directors, The Swedish Physician Society for Integrative Medicine
2012 – : WHO Advisor drafting the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2013-23
2014 – 16 : Head/Deputy Head – Karolinska Institutet Center for Social Sustainability
2016 – : Chair, KI Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations
2016 – : Representative at the Board of Karolinska Institutet (Konsistoriet)
2017 – : Member of Saco-S representative council Sweden
2017 – : Co-President, 2017 World Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health, Berlin, May 3-5

Mr. Lukas Wadsack,  Domicile director

Lukas has a wide experience in tax law that spans a period of almost 10 years. Before joining Wadsack as a Partner, he worked for 2 of the major business law firm in Zurich and in Zug where he was member of the tax team and was focusing on the tax advice for individual and corporate clients. During this time, he gained additional experience in all aspects of business law as well as in notarial services. Lukas graduated at the University of St. Gallen with the major legal studies and is a Swiss attorney at law. Furthermore, he is a Swiss certified tax expert. He is an active member of the professional society and holds memberships in the Zug and Swiss bar association and is a member of the International Fiscal Association. Lukas is leading the tax and legal department of Wadsack.