UNIPLAT Introduces Credit Rating of Researchers

UNIPLAT officially introduced a new feature: Credit Rating of Researchers On December 23, 2021.

Credit Rating is an automatic performance rating of each researcher and entrepreneur on UNIPLAT, evaluated from various perspectives using AI. The evaluation result is displayed as credit scores. If the scores are high, the relevant researcher’s capability and credibility are also considered high.

The credit scores of a researcher or entrepreneur can be viewed on their “My Lab” page (a one-stop page that contains their profile, result of research, and other information). The scores are set to be visible to the public. So, general users — individuals, companies, or research institutions — can check the researcher or entrepreneur’s capability and credibility to ascertain their choice of support or research collaboration. Talking from the researcher and entrepreneur’s side, this feature could open the door to many benefits such as offers and grants from companies and institutions.

Currently, the aspects scored by Credit Rating’s AI are:

Number of likes of each content (live streaming, videos, and documents)
Number of each content’s views
Number of connections (primary nodes)

The scoring aspects and formulas are subject to refinement in a once-a-year credit rating evaluation committee meeting, following changes in global academic circumstances.

Thank you for your support for UNIPLAT.

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