Announcement of revised Closed Beta Service

UNIFY PLATFORM AG is pleased to announce that UNIPLAT, which is scheduled to be officially launched this spring, will begin its closed alpha service on April 4, 2021, inviting researchers VIPs. And following that, we will begins closed beta service on June 15, 2021, inviting VIPs both of researchers and subscribers to participate.

UNIPLAT aims to ensure that researchers are rewarded based on their innovative research, achievements and excellence, and that they are fairly recognized regardless of their financial situation, geographic location or affiliation.
If you have received an email invitation or a direct message inviting you to join us, please take this opportunity to experience UNIPLAT.
Since many VIPs will participate in the closed beta service, the research content presented by the researchers will be viewed by many people, making it easier for them to be evaluated.
In addition, since UNIPLAT aims to be a constantly evolving platform, we will reflect your improvements and requests when you use it, so we are looking forward to your various opinions.

So, see you at UNIPLAT!


UNIFY PLATFORM AGは、この春、VIPリサーチャーの方々のみを対象とする「UNIPLAT」クローズドαサービスを2021年4月4日に開始致します。それに引き続き、VIPリサーチャー及びVIP視聴者を対象とするクローズドベータサービスを2021年6月15日に開始する予定です。