Ms. Saeeda Ahmed, Senior advisor
(Vice President of Investments for a royal private office and the founding director of Education Partnerships UK Ltd (EPUK))


Saeeda is an ambassador for the UNGSII Foundation and an advisor to its 25 international sustainable cities, known as model cases of excellence, on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

She gave a speech in Davos 2020 on the possibilities of sustainable cities and Islamic societies, and her recommendations were adopted in the Istanbul Declaration. Saeeda promotes economic and social development within and among Muslim countries. She has already brought 58 Muslim states together to solve economic, social, and trade problems and to promote the economy, health care, and welfare of their people, new technologies, and the halal economy, especially as it relates to the SDGs.

She is also a special advisor to the President of Somalia for the development and growth of education, healthcare, environment, and the industrial animal and commercial sectors. She also founded and represents Education Partnerships UK Ltd (EPUK), a provider of comprehensive education and business solutions for the UK and global clients. Her programs have already been adopted in many countries. It has also been adopted by a network of halal supply chains in the food, beverage, cosmetics, fashion, pharmaceutical, and financial sectors in the UK and Europe. She also promotes international partnerships in key industries in Malaysia.

  • Advisor to the President of Somalia
  • UNGSII Ambassador
  • International Leadership Fellow, St. George’s House (Windsor Castle)
  • Founder & CEO of Education Partnerships UK
  • Founder & CEO of Gateway Islamic Consulting
  • Advisor to various governments on socio-economic and education matters
  • Advisor to the Education Panel of the Prince of Wales Charity (Prince Trust)
  • Higher Future Education Ambassador at the University of Yorkshire
  • Member of the 2% Club at Yorkshire University
  • Former Board Member of Reed College
  • Director of the Reed University Adventure Capital Fund (investing approximately JPY 60 billion in social, community, and public services)
  • Non-Executive Director of Social Firms England
  • Ambassador for Social Entrepreneurship, UK Cabinet Office

In 2011, she was selected as one of the 100 Young Social Entrepreneur Award winners by Ernst & Young.