Mr. John Norris, Senior advisor (Founder & CEO, Safely2Prosperity / Former Principal Deputy Commissioner & COO, US FDA)


  1. Norris has over 29,000 LinkedIn followers/subscribers and 6,000 contacts. He has given some 300 Life-Science, Healthcare, and HC risk-management-related talks in the US and worldwide. He has served long-term on 20 top boards. Additionally, he has advised long-term, senior executives of 30 well-known US and Global advisory clients.
  1. He has experience taking companies public, then private, and then selling them to world-class buyers at a high premium, all to enhance shareholder value, ROI, and corporate difference-making in the US and globally.
  1. Norris has served as a Board Chairman, CEO, or COO for many enterprises. He has managed 14,000+ employees and a $6B budget in today’s dollars. With his partners, he co-led the negotiation of a deal that sold one of their young
    companies to Nestle for today’s equivalent of $1.5 billion, producing extensive investor ROIs.
  1. He is a prolific editor and writer. He has served as editor-in-chief of two academic journals, one at Cornell and the other at Harvard. In addition, he has published more than 20 articles (and 50 LinkedIn posts) on how to manage COVID-19 and its variants better, both in the US and worldwide, using his software-as-a-service (SaaS) SW device.
  1. He is a former Principal Deputy Commissioner and COO of the US FDA, a former Harvard faculty member, and a
    current Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Safely2Prosperity LLC, an infectious disease safety
    preparedness and risk management company. S2P manages customer preparedness and execution.
  1. On boards, Norris helps senior executives and their boards and committees to formulate, negotiate, and fully execute
    their critical (a) strategic action plans, (b) FDA compliance/negotiations, and (c) funding/customer contracts.
  1. His current or former long-term clients and/or board seats include Life Sciences—Pfizer, Konica Minolta, and Summit Technology; Healthcare—Harvard’s Partners HealthCare System (now Mass General Brigham), MGH, and HCHP; Health-Related—The AMA, The MHA, and The JCAHO (now The Joint Commission). All are prominent enterprises.
  1. Norris’ own HC and life sciences or business advisors have included: Dr. Frank Young, Former US FDA Commissioner; Dr. Harvey Fineberg, Former Harvard Provost; Dr. Sam Thier, Former Partners HealthCare (now Mass General Brigham) CEO; Mr. Fred Hassan, Former Pharma Chairman; Mr. Tom O’Neill, Former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor (and a key advisor to US Speaker Tip O’Neill); and Mr. Bob Dilenschneider, Former Hill & Knowlton CEO.
  1. His mentors have included Mr. Bill Steere, Former Pfizer CEO; and Mr. Yuji Kuroiwa, Current Kanagawa Prefecture (State), Japan, Governor.
  1. His key honors include an 800-board-score and receipt of a Boston Ten Outstanding Young Leader (TOYL) award.
  1. His Public Service includes board-member of, and/or significant-donor to, MA Kiwanis, Beth-Israel Plymouth Hospital, The Hunger Project, Stanford, Cornell, Rochester, Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and Boston College.
  1. Norris has undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate training in chemical engineering, economics, political science, computing, Russian, Chinese, law (JD), business (MBA), and government, at Harvard, Cornell, and Rochester.
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