Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar is the Chairman and CEO of EST Global Inc., It is an enterprise based in the MIT eco system, Cambridge Innovation Center, Cambridge, USA. Dr Sindhu has worked his career to global leadership in transforming the financial ecosystem through digital evolution, fintech revolution, and financial inclusion. EST Global Inc. is an impact platform.

He is now leading an initiative to impact most of the world’s population in the rural and farming sector combined with health care and edtech, with an initial beginning in India. Dr. Sindhu is a firm believer in Innovation-driven entrepreneurship and is a thought leader in the banking and financial services sector.

He is a global speaker at various technology forums and platforms. He has also authored several books on banking including anthology of English poems. He has been a visiting faculty at different management institutes and banking events and holds fintech certifications from Oxford University and MIT.

His present engagements also include:

  • Forbes Council Member
  • Senator for WBAF – The World Business Angels Investment Forum. An affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI)
  • Professor of Practice, Chandigarh University, Chandigarh, Punjab, INDIA Board Member of GBA (Government Blockchain Association), Washington DC Member Advisory Board, Rhiti Group, India
  • Chairman, EST-FAB (Fintech & Blockchain) Association
  • Chairman, EST Healthcare, Singapore & India
  • Joint President & Board Member, MSME Business Forum India
  • International Impact Leader awarded by Swiss Impact Investing Solutions GmbH, and
  • Camomile Impact Community, Switzerland.
  • International Director & Investor, BranchX, India
  • JV partner with Zing Mobile, Singapore and Ghana, Tanzania
  • Fintech & Digital Partner, Ecobank, Mozambique
  • Strategic Partner Development, Umoja, South Africa
  • Co-Chair, Advisory Governing Council, Applied Blockchain Centre for Fintech, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Lead Assessor, Blockchain for Fintech Leaders & Practitioners Certification Program,
  • Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore
  • Some recent awards & distinctions:
  • FOREX Decoded book in South Africa wrote Foreword and Chapter available on Amazon Editorial Board – Book titled “Impact of Women’s Empowerment on United Nations SDGs in the Digital Era”, 2022
  • International Impact Leader 2022
  • Top Executive Award and listing in Marquis Who’s Who
  • 3rd position in the World CEO of the year 2020
  • Top 100 Finance Professional
  • Among the Topmost Admired Global Indian, 2021 Business Leadership Award 2021

Dr Sindhu Bhaskar’s created eco system and a brief of the framework:

AIDIA (Artificial Intelligence for Decentralized Investment Application) makes it possible to address the central problem of any economy i.e. what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce by introducing Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning which will work as a star within the ecosystem and dealing with basic commodities of the economy while learning its real demand and supply management through Trust-less Blockchain algorithms aimed at Distributed Knowledge Management and Decentralized Decision Taking.

BRANCHX is the first theme-based neo bank launched in India in 2021 offering full stack of banking to Tier 3 and Tier 4 centers as well as the migrant labors.

ESTLEND is an intermediary lending platform which acts as a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending marketplace connecting borrowers and lenders directly. In the process of aggregation, the ESTLEND opens the doors for the in-app clients of BranchX to avail – microfinance, SME loans, farmer loans, utility loans. To ensure sustainable growth over the long-term, ESTLEND presents itself as a strategic opportunity for credit societies, cooperative banks and other non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). ESTLEND uses intelligent credit scoring criteria and is implementing KYC on the Blockchain, voice recognition, facial recognition, and accessing social media and mobile records. We have also created rural bond structures which are meant to protect the farmer in an event of crop damage or loss of crops. We have the agreement with Ecobank Mozambique for providing this Lending Management System to them.

EST AgrX with RuralXchange (Trademarked & PATENT listed): It strives to develop islands of economies with rural eco centers. These will interact with each other and further integrate themselves to create a decentralized rural ecosystem, helping to ensure the growth of India’s rural economy. Its vision is to address all the major issues that the farmers face during pre-farming, farming, and post-farming phase, specially the marketing prospects. Agriculture is not only an occupation but a tool of Rural development. It also offers multiple opportunities to the rural population with ancillary services and tiny industries. That will create the basis for rural industrialization, rural capital, rural wealth and a budding rural economy fulfilling the contours of SDG, ESG and Circular Economy.

EST HEALTHCARE – Patented RAHA is one of its kinds of diagnostic and medicine dispenser developed with Patented Technology* utilizing AI/ML & Robotics to provide remote diagnostics. RAHA (Remote Healthcare Platform) is an automated primary health clinic with the ability to diagnose over 70 parameters and dispense medicines with proprietary AI/ML Robotics and machine vision. Received Patent for the RAHA equipment.

EST CashlessBazar is a barter platform which acts as a rural marketplace for commodities & finished goods. And it will also act as a commodity exchange for essential goods as a medium of payment against loans.

E-Rural-Invest is the investment center for the global market, providing multiple asset class as investment choices which people can opt as per their investment capacity, risk appetite, and investment time horizon. Invest19 is the amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science to enhance the user experience for better trading execution and E-Rural-Invest creates instrument for trading on Rural Exchange. E-Rural-Invest thus becomes the modality of capital rotation in the rural centers with growth in cash economy.
EST FAB – FINTECH & BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION – It has a humble agenda. It is the Decentralized Platform for Digital Knowledge & Intelligence Proliferation among the Youth. The task force is the vast majority of students. We intend to provide them technical & digital literacy to make them attain those technological wings for they are the creators and carriers of change & transformation. This shall create the Digital inclusion. Several Universities & Colleges and Educational Institutions have connected with us like Chandigarh University, IMS Ghaziabad, to name a few. We are working together to achieve the noble aim by creating a Centre of Excellence, by way of P2P interaction.

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M: +1 786 554 0579; Email: sindhu@estglobalinc.com
Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/sindhu-bhaskar-55a84568/
Telegram: @DrSindhu; Twitter: @sinrkb