Key Management

Mr. Tokinori Terada,  Founder and CEO

Tokinori Terada is Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Unify Platform.

Tokinori is also an engineer and has developed all equipment components such as computers and mechatronics for composite semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Therefore, he has a wide range of knowledge in chemistry, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.

Tokinori is also the CEO and Founder of Chemiteras* and runs several companies, including one with micromachining technology.

* Chemiteras : Focusing on drug development for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and rare diseases, development of environmental protection technology, development of new energy, etc.

Mr. Takahisa Karita, Co founder and CFO & COO

2004 – 2006:
Hokkaido University Graduate School of Engineering, Part-time teacher (Japan)
2007 – 2014:
Chinese Medicine Medical Research Promotion Foundation (Ministry of Health, Labor
and Welfare related organizations), Director (Japan)
2013 – 2017:
General Association NITOBE International Foundation Preparation Committee, Managing Director (Japan)
2016 – 2017:
West Los Angeles College, GIE (Global Institute for Entrepreneurship) Ambassador (USA)
2012 – 2017:
CRISEN Technology Inc (Shenzhen Stock Market Securities Code: 430218), CFO (China)
2014 – 2016:
Beijing Collaborative Clinical Pharmacology Experiment Technical Service Co., Ltd. (Organizations related to the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China), Advisor (China)
2013 – Present:
CFO of CDTEC Inc. (China)
2017 – Present:
Tsangs Group, Advisor (UK / Hong Kong)
2019 – Present:
Fight Cancer Global, Global Leadership Panel Member
2021 – Present:
General Incorporated Foundation Shared Opportunities Society, Board of Directors (Japan & USA)
2020 – Present:
Chemiteras Inc., Corporate Officer (Japan)

Dr. Torkel Falkenberg, CRO

1987 : BSc in molecular biology
1990 – 95 : PhD training, Dept of Pharmacology and Physiology, Karolinska Institutet (KI)
2010 – : Head The Research Foundation IC – The Integrative Care Science Center
2012 – : Scientific Chair of the Ekhaga Research Foundation
2012 : Board of Directors, The Swedish Physician Society for Integrative Medicine
2012 – : WHO Advisor drafting the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2013-23
2014 – 16 : Head/Deputy Head – Karolinska Institutet Center for Social Sustainability
2016 – : Chair, KI Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations
2016 – : Representative at the Board of Karolinska Institutet (Konsistoriet)
2017 – : Member of Saco-S representative council Sweden
2017 – : Co-President, 2017 World Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health, Berlin, May 3-5

Mr. Lukas Wadsack,  Domicile director

Lukas has a wide experience in tax law that spans a period of almost 10 years. Before joining Wadsack as a Partner, he worked for 2 of the major business law firm in Zurich and in Zug where he was member of the tax team and was focusing on the tax advice for individual and corporate clients. During this time, he gained additional experience in all aspects of business law as well as in notarial services. Lukas graduated at the University of St. Gallen with the major legal studies and is a Swiss attorney at law. Furthermore, he is a Swiss certified tax expert. He is an active member of the professional society and holds memberships in the Zug and Swiss bar association and is a member of the International Fiscal Association. Lukas is leading the tax and legal department of Wadsack.

Advisory Board

Mr. Alan Malcolm,  Senior advisor (Chief Commercial Officer, NikkeiFT Learning)

Born in New Zealand, Alan has lived and worked in Asia for more than 22years.
Alan has lead businesses across Asia in the Education, HR, SAAS and media sectors. He has been responsible for orchestrating a number of large scale partnerships and development projects Across ASEAN, Japan, Korea and Australasia.

For much of the past decade, Alan held the role of Head of Asia for global Education leader Pearson and is currently Chief Commercial Officer at Nikkei FT Learning, while continuing an active role on our Advisory.

Though his broad experience and active commitment to Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging, Alan has a strong passion for developing globally mobile talent and is committed to helping people to improve their lives through access to better learning and collaborative opportunities.

Dr. Nigel Clarke,  Senior advisor (Chair of the GPhC)

Nigel Clarke is the Chair of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). He started the role in March 2014 after he was appointed by the Privy Council.

Mr Clarke served on the General Osteopathic Council from when it was set up in 1996 until 2008, and he was chair from 2001 to 2007. He was also a member of the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (now the Professional Standards Authority) from 2003 to 2008. This is the oversight body for the nine health professions regulators, including the GPhC.

In 2007 he chaired the Independent Inquiry into a Future Professional Body for Pharmacy and then the Transitional Committee, which created the prospectus for the reformed Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS).

Mr Clarke is senior partner of Learned Lion Partners; chairs the Boards of medical research business Oxford BioElectronics and diagnostics business Attomarker Ltd; and serves on the Advocacy Committee of the European Society of Cardiology.

Mr. Anand Kannan, Senior advisor (CEO, Avas Digitech International Pvt Ltd., Global director (IFIA startups department ))

Mr. Anand Kannan has over 25+ years of marketing & Business development experience in varied sectors ranging from Media, Engineering, Education & Innovation management

Academically, he holds a PG in Marketing from IIM-C &PG in International trade & Packaging Design from NID.

Currently, he is the CEO of Avas Digitech a company which own & runs one of the few innovation platforms which work from ideation to commercialization. The Platform is called Sparkinov. He is the National President of International Federation of Inventors Association –ABIPIR Latin America’s India chapter. As head of the Indian Chapter, Anand has

  • worked with various start-ups, innovators, universities & has sent almost 600 start ups to various IFIA sponsored innovation events.
  • Has conducted multiple seminars in India, Bhutan,Nepal.
  • Working closely with start-ups to assist in commercialization of innovation, funding opportunities.
  • Set up 5 subchapters as on date in India.

With Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT)-USA, he is one of the Board Members, where they work with children’s innovation, creativity in 50 + countries.

He is also conversant in multiple languages.

Mr. Michael Conniff, Senior advisor (Managing Director of The Accelerator with Michael Conniff, Executive Board Member of Foreign Press Correspondents Association/Club USA)

Mr. Michael Conniff graduated from Harvard with honors in History and won a summer fellowship at the Harvard Institute of Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

He was the first Harvard writing instructor to use word processing as a teaching tool and is considered a pioneer in the online world.

He is co- founder of the Isaacson School for New Media in Aspen—selected Faculty of the Year by students—and founded the Digital Story Lab at Colorado Mountain College.

He was also the first person hired full-time in new media at NBC. In addition, he is host of The Accelerator podcast; a Mentor at NewChip Accelerator in Austin, Texas;
an Advisor at Holt Accelerator in Montreal, Canada; a Business Development Partner for Listing Partners Limited in Toronto, Ontario, Canada;
a Strategic Leadership Advisor at the Pace University Lubin School of Business; in New York; a Board Member of the Foreign Press Correspondents Association;
and the Editor-at-Large at SKI TV.

And his novel, BOOK OF O’KELLS: MOTHER NATURE, reached the Amazon Top Ten list for Historical Fiction.

The author of more than a dozen published short stories, he was selected as a Sokolov Scholar in Fiction at the Breadloaf Writers Conference.

Mr. Mark Hu, Senior advisor (Co founder & CEO, Think Net Inc.,Skyline Technology USA LLC, Thunderbirds.Me Inc. )

Mr. Mark Hu is long time Wall Street veteran, XR & AI specialist, Web 3.0 & MetaVerse evangelist and system for solution architect with very strong Fin Tech background that focus on world human equality, race equality & health equality with ESG focus.

In 2000, Mr. Hu founded Think Net Inc. which serves Wall street financial clients for 20+ years, developed various software-solution development & consulting firm for top tier Wall Street investment banks and US government agencies.

In 2013, Mr. Hu founded Smart Financial Technology LLC as smart cloud-based big data analytics firm and was successfully acquired by a Hedge Fund in 2015. Since Nov 2016, Mr. Hu founded Skyline Technology USA LLC which customized XR & AI driven systems and solutions development group company. And Skyline Technology USA LLC is strong collaboration with Princeton Innovation Joint Lab of Princeton University. In 2021, Mr. Hu founded Thunderbirds.Me Inc. which expertises XR & AI, NLP driven MetaVerse, MultiVerse Web 3.0 ready platform.

Mr.Hu has many professional certifications & proficient in many programming languages, specializing in platform architecting and development as well as big data and cloud based analytics and algorithms optimization. Besides Mr.Hu is highly skilled at developing stock, futures, and foreign currency trading systems. Mr. Hu is professional architect with operational approaches and system characteristics of major Wall Street investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and UBS and involved in the efforts of these major investment banks to adopt artificial intelligence, machine learning and related critical business workflow optimizations.

Mr. Keary Dana Hayes II, Senior advisor (CEO and Co-Founder of TerraScale, Global Program Manager of the United Nations new ImPPPact Program within the C.R.E.A.M. European Unions PPP Alliance)

CEO and Co-Founder of TerraScale.
Committed to developing sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing energy and digital infrastructure challenges. Leading various projects at the bleeding edge of technological innovation and sustainable development. His work as the developer of TerraScale’s flagship initiative, Project Energos, has won 6 prestigious design and architecture awards. Experience includes advising institutions, governments, corporations on developing smart, resilient infrastructure, master planning of industry development and negotiations with Fortune 500 companies. Multiple partners and technology announcements are expected during 2023 due to skipping all financial traditional rounds. Currently, Danny Hayes is a U.S. House of Representatives registered lobbyist, with a focus in Asia and Europe, Sr. Advisor to the European Unions C.R.E.A.M. Program (Public Private Partnerships Think Tank), Senior Financial to Hudson Capital Advisors, Awarded “Director Emeritus” of the Green Cross International, Serves as an Advisory Board Member of the University of California, Riverside (Design Think Program), Financial Advisor to Ambri Batteries (Bill Gates backed), Advisor to Unify Platform AG, and Senior Advisor & Lobbyist to 3 Nations for National Development & Economic Plans. Mr. Hayes is currently working as a Sr. Advisor of Green & Sustainable Bonds and operates from FINRA Broker Dealer | CRD#: 132424 | SEC#: 8-66595 | Brokerage Firm Regulated by FINRA (Los Angeles district office) | Hudson Capital Advisors (U.S. Broker Dealer), LLC

Mr. Kannan Hariharan, Senior advisor (Startup Advisor, Entrepreneur, Operator turned Seed Investor)

Mr. Kannan is an entrepreneur, operator turned seed investor with 20+ years of experience in corporate and start-up across formation, validation, and growth stages. In India, Kannan built a payment infrastructure company from scratch that raised $22.4m in growth capital from ICICI Ventures and has recently filed for an IPO. He currently advises start-ups and growth companies for venture growth, capital raise, cross-border expansion, and enabling strategic connections between India, Australia, and New Zealand. Also, he was part of an India based early-stage angel investment syndicate that has invested in 9 early-stage companies, one of which was successfully exited, two planned for series A funding, and one was due to file for an IPO in 2022. As an investor and operator of a UK fintech company, he worked with them to build a successful business by forming strategic partnership with global financial institutions across three markets, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Presently, he is involved in setting up a micro-VC fund to invest in SaaS companies connecting India and Australia. Kannan is driven by a desire to build a more equitable and efficient financial services ecosystem, especially at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) by leveraging technology. In addition to his passion for fintech and Defi, he is very keen on health and education.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from University of Calicut, India and earned his MBA from Narsee Monjee Insitute of Management Studies (NMIMS), India. Besides work, Kannan is a professional badminton player who won silver in a world masters doubles event held in Auckland in 2018. He enjoys running, reading, and listening to J Krishnamurti’s talks. He lives with his wife and daughter in Sydney.

Mr. Alvin Foo, Senior Advisor (Voted Top 100 most influential person in social media)

Voted Top 100 most influential person in social media. Previously Google China’s Head of Mobile; IPG Reprise China’s Managing Director; Omnicom Media Group China’s Head of Mobility & Innovation; Advisors for SXSW, China Accelerator & Sparklabs Korea. Well-sought after speaker in blockchain community.

Mr. John Norris, Senior advisor (Founder & CEO, Safely2Prosperity / Former Principal Deputy Commissioner & COO, US FDA)

Mr. John Norris, JD, MBA, is a globally recognized visionary, thought leader, and craftsman in health policy, law, and management.

He is best known for inventing strategies and products for better methods and means for Life Sciences, Healthcare, and HC IT/AI/ML product development, risk management, regulatory compliance, and crisis management.

He did his early work as COO of the US FDA and as a faculty member at Harvard. He is now a risk management entrepreneur.
Above all, Norris has decades of highly recognized success in very advanced risk management and exceedingly complex problem-solving.

A US President and his Secretary of HHS asked him to co-lead the last major internal reform of the US FDA and the US responses to the Tylenol and Chernobyl crisis.
His Team’s FDA reforms enhanced the FDA’s productivity, timeliness, and ability to significantly cut new-product review times and other costs borne by regulated companies (and the patients they serve).
His FDA, Tylenol, and Chernobyl efforts saved countless lives and dollars.
Also, Norris has facilitated raising billions of dollars to support essential Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Healthcare IT/AI/ML innovations by companies, organizations, and government agencies—in the US and worldwide.

John’s primary skills involve thoughtfully, insightfully, and intuitively listening, validating, analyzing, negotiating, and applying facts and concepts in problematic deal-making, growth-creating, risk-management, or crisis-management settings. Included here is leading the work of others related to envisioning, conceptualizing, negotiating, editing, executing, and enforcing (1) product, branding, or strategic innovations, (2) action plans, (3) marketing/PR plans, (4) fundraising plans, (5) budgets, (6) employment, customer, distributor, manufacturer, warehouser, and funding contracts, (7) enterprise policies, and (8) litigation or regulatory-non-compliance settlement deals.

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Ms. Belinda Wong, Senior advisor (Director, Leader Corporate Services / Manager, Startup China Club in Hong Kong / Author of : Hong Kong Company Secretary Checklist and Hong Kong Company Secretary’s Practice Manual)

Ms. Belinda Wong has more than 30 years of experience in providing company secretarial services to local and multinational corporations (private / public / listed / guarantee corporations). She had previously worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, DLA Piper and King and Wood before setting up her own company, Leader Corporate Services Limited, in 2011.

Belinda provides volunteer services in helping people registered charities and also a mentor of the United College Mentorship Program.  On top of these, she is a member of the SME Committee and Taxation Committee of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce as well as a member of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong.

Belinda is a Fellow Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors and of the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute, Associate Member of the Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute, CFA Society Hong Kong and Hong Kong Investor Relations Association. She is a holder of a Master Degree in Business Administration (University of Strathclyde, UK) and a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences (Chinese University of Hong Kong).

Dr. Maarten de Hoop, Senior Advisor (Simons Chair in Computational and Applied Mathematics and Earth Science, Rice Univerisity, USA)

Born in the Netherlands, Maarten has worked in the USA since 1995.
From 1992 to 1995, he was Programme Leader and Senior Research Scientist at Schlumberger Cambridge Research.
He joined the Colorado School of Mines in 1995 where he was the Co-Leader of the Center for Wave Phenomena.
In 2005, he moved to Purdue University as a Professor of Mathematics and of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences and became the Director of the Center for Computational and Applied Mathematics.
He joined Rice University in 2015 and is currently the Simons Chair in Computational and Applied Mathematics and Earth science. He served as a member of the Committee on Science Policy of the American Mathematical Society and, since 2018, as a member of the steering committee for the College of Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences Global Partnership, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia.

Maarten is the founder and director of the Geo-Mathematical Imaging Group with a current research focus on the energy transition and sustainability.

Maarten’s research ranges from the analysis of real-world inverse problems and nonlinear physics to deep learning.
Advance through interdisciplinarity has been recognized as central in his work. Over the past decade he has been making significant contributions to the foundations / mathematics of deep learning, scientific machine learning and new approaches to data-driven discovery and forecasting related to natural hazards including earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, and to planetary missions including to Mars and Jupiter.

He has published more than 190 journal articles, including articles in Science, Nature Communications and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Maarten and his laboratory collaborate with academic institutions around the world.

ddr. Milan Krajnc, Senior Advisor (Professor of many universities, psychotherapist, MBA, DBA. Nobel Prize nominee in 2021)

ddr. Milan Krajnc is a professor of personality psychology at the University of Jakarta and a visiting professor of psychology at the University of Barcelona, with over 15 years of private practise in the field of psychotherapy. For more than 20 years, he has been resolving various crisis situations in businesses, families, and government organisations where the underlying cause is the human factor.

He is the author of 400 books on relationships and leadership. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2021.

Ms. Erica Sosnowski, Senior Advisor (BSc, MBA, Managing Partner, Sosna + Co / Advisory Committee Member, DCAT (Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association) )

Erica is a motivated executive with multi-cultural business acumen developed through extensive international business experience throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas regions. Known as the “Matchmaker of the Life Sciences Industry”, Erica leverages her network to simplify and execute deals. Previous clients include pharmaceutical, biotech, consumer, and manufacturing organizations, as well as private equity and venture capital groups. She is the Managing Partner at Sosna + Co, the business development partner for the life sciences industry. Over the last 5 years, she has led Sosna + Co to close more than $250M in deals, working as an extension of their clients’ executive teams. Sosna + Co’s network comprises more than 80,000 senior executives in the life sciences industry. Erica has consulted with diverse industry startups through to the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Prior to founding Sosna + Co, Erica worked in business development for global pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers executing deals and growing sales. She sits on the Women’s Committee for DCAT (Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association) established in 1890. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and an Executive MBA.

Ms. Saeeda Ahmed, Senior advisor (Vice President of H.H Sheikh AbdulHakim AlMaktoum’s Private Office and the founding director of Education Partnerships UK Ltd (EPUK))

Saeeda is the Deputy Director of the Private Office of H.H Sheikh AbdulHakim AlMaktoum and a member of the UAE royal family. She is promoting sustainable and critical sectors in the UAE. As a business partner in the Carbon Offset Credit Sector, she is working on sustainable urban development, healthcare solutions, and the implementation of international climate change reforms, including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Saeeda is a thought leader and socio-economic entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in solution-oriented projects that create value for the economy, society, and industry. She is passionate about fostering sustainable social and economic change. She has received design awards for her labor market programs related to solving industrial, economic, and social needs. She has achieved much through her extensive network and her ability to solve problems.

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Mr. Chenyi Ang, Senior advisor (Founding president of Chartered Software Development Association, Founding partner of GO Ventures Startup Studio)

Chenyi Ang is an internationally recognized technopreneur, pioneering developments with AI, AR and Blockchain applications in the innovation of various industries including Fintech, health wellness and F&B.

He has been awarded the Top 50 Healthcare Companies by Smart Health Dubai in 2018, and was invited as an honourable speaker for the International Medicine Digital Forum by Russia Digital Economy Development Fund in 2019. He was also featured as Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 within the Artificial Intelligence field by APAC Entrepreneur and awarded with the Fintech Innovation of the Year Award 2021 at the Africa Tech Festival.

Apart from his entrepreneurial acumen, he is a supporter of ESG innovations to solve the world’s growing social-economic problems. He envisions to promote technology adoption and digitalisation growth to more businesses in the IR 4.0 era and is currently playing a role as venture builder to transform the Venture model. He is currently the Technology and Business Advisor for various companies including a software development company and legal tech firm.

Dr Ravi A Fernando, Senior advisor (Chairman/CEO of Global Strategic Corporate Sustainability Pvt.Ltd)

Dr Ravi A Fernando is an Alumni of the University of Cambridge having completed a Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership in 2014. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration Degree from the European Business School in 2016 .He completed the Advanced Management Program at the INSEAD Business School (France) and is an Executive in Residence since 2010. He has an MBA from the University of Colombo. In April 2020, he created the ‘21st Century Board Leadership Model-MasterClass’© for the Institute of Directors of Luxembourg which is currently run in Luxembourg, Ireland and Sri Lanka.

He is the Chairman/CEO of Global Strategic Corporate Sustainability Pvt.Ltd, which operates in Luxembourg, Ireland, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. His career with Multinationals spanned 1981-2007 with Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Smithkline Beecham International covering Africa, Middle East and Asia. He was the first CEO of the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology 2008-2011 and Operations Director of the Malaysia Blue Ocean Strategy Institute 2011-2016. He was the first UN Global Compact Focal point 2007 and set up the UNGC Sri Lanka Network

He serves on the Boards of Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company, Aitken Spence Plantations Ltd, UN Global Compact , Habitat for Humanity, LOLC Holdings, Ceylon Graphene Technologies Ltd, Ceylon Asset Management and Global Strategic Corporate Sustainability Pvt.Ltd. In 2007 he won “Global Strategy Leadership award”, presented to him by Professor Renee Mauborgne of INSEAD at the World Strategy summit.

Mr.Patrick Tsang, Senior advisor (Chairman of Tsangs Group)

Patrick Tsang is the Chairman of Tsangs Group, an innovation-focused global family office from Hong Kong that bridges East and West. Tsangs Group has direct investments across the world, ranging from financial services to entertainment and AI to space tech.As a seasoned investor, Patrick has worked on numerous IPO and M&A transactions. He is a qualified solicitor in England, Wales and Hong Kong.Patrick is active in various charity and business associations. He is a Fellow of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award World Fellowship, and also was awarded the China Economic Person of the Year during the China Economic Forum in 2014.He is also the host of “Anything is Possible,” a video podcast series that aspires to share positive and uplifting stories of leaders and winners with the younger generation.

Dato Thiwakaran Muagan, Senior advisor (Founder charter president of ASEAN CEO CLUB, Secretary general of Federation of Asian African Trade Development and Investments)

Datuk Thiwakaran is a Business, Investment and Project ManagementConsultant with more than ten years of business experience. He has an extensivebackground in structuring, planning and managing cross-functional businessoperations, projects and various kinds of tech start-ups. He is an analytical anda conceptual thinker who effectively partners with the highest-level decision-makersand C-Level Executives to assess opportunities, facilitate strategic decisions, anddrive successful implementations.
Dato’ Thiwakaran’s ability to assess complex situations and identify appropriatesolutions underscore his ability to gain meaningful insight and follow upwith a thorough analysis. He is exceptionally skilled at group facilitation andenjoys forging consensus among people with diverging ideas andopinions.
Dato’ Thiwakaran has managed a broad array of projects in industries ranging fromRenewable Energy, Aviation, Mining, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Financial Servicesand Health Care, to Education and Philanthropy. Projects include:

Advisory and Strategizing Projects
Project management and implementation for large and cross-functional projects
Business process and technical remediation for compliance efforts
Post-mergers and acquisitions business restructuring and systems integration
Technology and System replacement and upgrades
Organizational planning
Facilitating start-ups
Introducing and infusing new technology or concept into a project

Dato’ Thiwakaran has co-owned & co-managed Kunooz Group. since 2015, alongWith founder Sheikh Rashid Al Shabibi. Before joining Destina 1 International Groupof Companies in 2013, he worked as Director of International BusinessDevelopment. Moreover, he also sits on the board of various companies as theboard of directors and board of advisors. The companies in which he is involved areas follows: –

HiiLSE Global Sdn Bhd• GEIOS Energy & Technology•
LogicLadder Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Shoppymore Global Sdn Bhd
Green Crescent Waste Treatment Consultants Sdn Bhd
uSky Transport

He founded the ASEAN CEO CLUB, a platform that brings together ASEAN countryCEOs and Non-ASEAN Countries CEOs. He served as the Secretary General of theFederation of Asian African Trade Development and Investments, GlobalAmbassador and Head of ASEAN Affairs of the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club.He was appointed as the Honourable Malaysian Global Business Council member.He is also on the board director of Hope For Mankind Foundation, which operates inthe ASEAN region.
He holds an MBA degree from the Open University of Malaysia,School of Business between 2016 and 2018.

Mr. Takeaki Watanabe, Senior advisor (CEO, Spela LLC and CTO, COBLIO Corporation)

Mr.Watanabe has been working as a web engineer, AI engineer,BlockChain engineer.

He was a development leader of an image analysis AI engine used in a CTC (TSE Prime listed) company, and he was a project manager in a crypto asset exchange licensed by Japan’s Financial Services Agency.

He is currently the Technology and Business Advisor for various companies including a software development company.

He is committed to making UNIPLAT more convenient by utilizing a variety of technologies.

Mr. Yutaka Kitade, Senior advisor (Co-Founder at Sijihive)

Yutaka started to work for Dentsu, the largest advertising agency in Asia in 1992. Based in Tokyo, he worked as media planner, account executives and Strategy planning department. Yutaka was involved in various international alliances and M&A activities. In, 2006 Yutaka moved to Trans-Cosmos, the largest BPO operator in Asia. He served as the head of Asian Region Business Development Unit. He opened businesses in Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.
Yutaka established Global Initiative in Tokyo in 2009. Since then he has served for many Japanese and international firms for their cross-border business developments. He is also a regular advisor and consultant for many startups in Japan and in Asia. Yutaka holds BA from Waseda University (Japan) and EMBA from INSEAD (France, Singapore)

Mr. Newton Lee ,Senior advisor (CEO, Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships (IFERS))

Prof. Newton Lee is the founding president of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships based in Los Angeles, California, a former Disney and Bell Labs engineer, and a 2021 graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy.
Serving as an FBI Ambassador, Lee expounds on social media, campus safety, student mental health, cybersecurity, and counterterrorism as portrayed in the highly acclaimed Total Information Awareness book series published by Springer Nature.
Among his 200+ publications, the Total Information Awareness trilogy books have garnered rave reviews from Newsweek and The Daily Beast, ACM Computing Reviews, AdWeek, and Choice Magazine, among others. Veteran Staff Sergeant Andrew Price of the United States Air Force (USAF) remarked, “I am inspired by the prospect of world peace. I’d fully recommend following the author’s steps, reaching beyond our borders, making friends outside our norm, and helping to foster world peace and a better tomorrow.”
He has co-developed over 100 online games at The Walt Disney Company, and 12 bestselling & award- winning interactive titles including The Lion King Animated Storybook & Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree that were featured in the Billboard Magazine.
He has executive produced dance-pop songs that have played on American Idol and charted on U.S. Billboard, U.K. Music Week, and U.S. iTunes HOT 100 (Electronic). His latest albums are “Google It (Soundtrack)” and “I Am Not I” for which DJ Robert Scott called “a marvelous pop/dance affair of the highest order!”
He has been honored with a Michigan Leading Edge Technologies Award, two community development awards from the California Junior Chamber of Commerce, and four volunteer project leadership awards from The Walt Disney Company.

Mr. Ritchie Yong Jian Niang (Chairman at ASEAN OBOR Research Academy, Founding President of Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Associate Chamber of Commerce)

Lieutenant Colonel Ritchie Yong serves in the civil defence force under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister’s Department Malaysia (JPM). in response to the threat of Malaysia Emergency.
In 2018, he founded the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Associate Chamber of Commerce (APEACC), to promote economic development and cooperation among entrepreneurs, local governments, and countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The APEACC has been recognized by governments and international organizations for its contributions, including being granted special consultative status with the United Nations.
Ritchie’s extensive knowledge and experience in the politics, economy, and culture of the ASEAN region have been instrumental in his success. He has leveraged this expertise to establish the ASEAN Belt and Road Research Academy, the first economic think tank in the region focused on China’s “Belt and Road” initiative.
With his dedication to serving his country and his accomplishments in entrepreneurship and diplomacy. He continues to make contributions to the development and promotion of economic cooperation and sustainable development across the Asia-Pacific region.

Ms. Virginia Tan, Senior Advisor (Founding partner of Teja Ventures, the first gender lens VC fund for emerging Asia, Pioneering Thought Leader for gender and technology in Asia)

Virginia Tan is the founding partner of Teja Ventures, the first gender lens VC fund for emerging Asia. As a pioneering thought leader for gender and technology in Asia, she founded She Loves Tech, the world’s largest startup competition for women and technology. Virginia Tan is also the founder and former president of Lean In China, one of China’s leading nonprofit platforms for women with over 100,000 members across more than 25 cities and 100 universities in China, which supports the goals and aspirations of Chinese women.

Virginia’s background is in law and finance, having worked in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America for 2 magic circle firms Clifford Chance and Allen and Overy. She specialised in emerging market investments and has covered more than USD 30 billion of transactions in the course of her career. She moved to Beijing in 2013 to work on strategic investments related to the “One Belt One Road” initiative.

In 2020, Virginia was selected by the Rockefeller Foundation as one of 8 Next Generation Leaders for its Beijing25+ Summit in 2020 and made Singapore’s 100 Women in Tech inaugural list. She was named by Fast Company as one of 100 most innovative people in business in China and by Prestige as one of Singapore’s 40 under 40 in 2019, and as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum in 2014. Forbes as hailed her as “removing barriers to global womens empowerment and Fast Company has named her “the Hua Mulan of the business world”. Her work has been featured by leading media such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Financial Times, BBC, China Daily, CCTV, Straits Times, VICE etc. She has spo- ken at some of the world’s largest corporations and leading institutions such as Alibaba, Baidu, Bloomberg, Dell, Disney, DSM, General Electric, Google, P&G, HP, Medtronic, Peking University, Ts- inghua University, Columbia University, UNICEF, UN Women, World Economic Forum, Milken Insti- tute, etc.

List of press releases by Virginia Tan

Ms. Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir, Senior Advisor (Founder And Chairman of KVENN, (Icelandic Women Inventors and Innovators Network))

ELINORA INGA SIGURDARDOTTIR, Founder And Chairman of KVENN, (Icelandic Women Inventors and Innovators Network) Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir was presented with the GlobalWIIN Founders Award in 2008 for her dedication and commitment to the empowerment and advancement of women inventors in Iceland. She is a business owner and and inventor with a mission to mentor and coach inventors and innovators. She was elected as Chairman of The Icelandic Inventors Association in 1998, the first woman in Europe to be in that position. Ninety percent of the members were men, so in 2007 she organized KVENN (Icelandic Women Inventors and Innovators Network), to reach out to more inventive women and to get them the respect and recognition they deserve from society. Apart from the capacity building services she provides within Iceland, Elinora provides lectures about innovation, networking and is a recognisable voice for the importance of role models throughout the world. She extends this to also planning exhibitions and conferences for inventors, in cooperation with both men and women.

Elinora is the president of EUWIIN, the European department of GlobalWIIN, the Global women inventors and innovators network, and is one of the exco in this global network.

Elinora is also one of the exco in IFIA and was elected as a vice president for the association 2023 first woman to be in this position.

Dr. Yukihisa NAMIKI, Senior Advisor (Chair of Global Innovation & Business Research Center (GIBReC) at Human Resources Development & Employment Organization (HuReDee), Doctor of Engineering and Sommelier)

Yukihisa NAMIKI (MIKI), Ph.D. (ENGR), Prof. is an international expert in value economics engineering, which analyzes processes and mechanisms of a value and the monetization and scientifically reconstructs the value and the monetization, and wellness economics to enhance human quality of life. He is appointed with professorship at multiple colleges and multiple board directors/chief officers.

He has been responsible for investigation of impact innovation, practical application of technology, development of business and strategy, investment allocation, structuring finance at US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), UK Department of Trade and Investment (UKTI), UK Department of International Trade (DIT), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST: Central Research Institute of Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

He is engaged for over 20 years in global investment and trading among Japan, US, Europe and Asia, practical application of basic technology, commercialization of new businesses, and a wide range of management from startups to large companies.

Mr. Zeljko Zdravkovic, Senior Advisor (Professor The Academy of Applied Technical Studies Belgrade, CEO, Founder & Owner of Live.Love.Create Green Design Studio)

Željko Zdravković is designer, plant expert, creative artist and educator from Belgrade. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and led many international conferences and lectures in the field of industrial, 3d design and new media in Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia, as well as several international architectural competitions.

Željko participated in the work of the jury at domestic and foreign exhibitions, competitions and events. He bases his professional and research work on the use of modern digital technologies and new media in industrial, graphic and sustainable design and public spaces and more recently in Recycled Art. He has extensive business experience in cooperation with many city institutions, museums, institutes, business companies and universities in Serbia and abroad (TOB, Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Municipality of New Belgrade, Belgrade City Museum, Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, RTKL London, IFIA International Federation of Inventors’ Associations, University of Ain Temouchent – Algeria, Politecnica de Valencia – Spain, International Hellenic University – Thessaloniki, Greece).

Also he has successfully collaborated with Google on an extremely media- driven project of online digitalisation of Belgrade’s cultural and historical and cultural heritage. He is an educator at The Academy of Applied Technical Studies Belgrade (Belgrade Polytechnic), more then one decade. Member of ULUPUDS (Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia), and an active member of the Association of Inventors and Authors of Technical Improvements Belgrade. He has received numerous awards, recognition’s and certificates in the field of design and new media, especially in the innovation category in Kuwait, Russia, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Serbia.


A technology and Business enthusiast and ardent believer of community engagement and have evangelized the concept of open innovation and collaboration in the Enterprise & startup ecosystem. He is currently part of many such Global Startup communities and working with international clients in strategic management, Partnerships and cross border collaborations.

Professional Industry and Entrepreneurial Experience of more than 20+ years in the field of Strategic Industry Partnerships, Startup/Corporate Partnerships, Stakeholder Management (of Startup, Incubator, Accelerators, & Funding Agencies).

Experience in Organizing Joint programs for Corporate & Startups like: Demo Day, Startup Pitch Event and Speed Dating. He was instrumental in signing Partnership MOU with Various Government to support Government Startups Initiatives like Karnataka, Telangana/AP, Rajasthan, and Kerala.

Worked extensively in Corporate Startup Engagement program and Hosted 1 to 1 Meeting between Startups and Corporations with large corporations like Hitachi, Bosch, UST Global, Viacom, GE, Tech Mahindra, Tata Motor Corp, Society Generale etc.

Hosted first International event in Partnership with Helsinki Business Hub on Innovations and Startups Helped startups from India to access Finland market with Helsinki Business Hub Support. Worked closely with Country ‘s Global Startup Eco-system from various countries namely US, Europe Israel, Asia and Latam to help startups for Market Access. Launched successfully first time ‘Startup Visa Program’ in India with Collaboration from Province Prince Edward Island Canada. Successfully lead the startup Delegation to with Prince Edward Island in Canada. Ideated, Conceptualize and organized 7 days Global Startup Visa Program Webinar Knowledge series from Countries like Portugal, Spain, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Helped Company to plan & host delegations as well as creating cross border business collaborations between corporations and Global Startups

Mr.Samir Ceric, Senior Advisor (Chief Operating Officer of BLOCKSPORT AG, Mayfair Investment Club’s Chairman of the Board ,Active Sport Capital’s Chairman of the Board)

Samir Ceric is a C-level executive in a number of tech and financial institutions, former senior executive in finance, telecom and aviation industries; former Chairman of football club; investor and serial entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience in Asia, Western Europe and the Balkans region; mentor, philanthropist, board member, public speaker (including London Business School TEDx), alumni member of George Soros Foundation, The Open Society, guest lecturer and mental health campaigner focused on blockchain technology and innovation in the fields of sport, finance, investment and creative industry; aiming to create more transparency and openings in these industries for high level investments; involved with a number of by-invitation only investment clubs including Mayfair Investment Club co-founded by Ceric. Ceric holds Masters in Mathematics obtained at University of Bologna, Italy, and University of Sussex, UK, is currently a PhD candidate (in blockchain), speaks 4 languages and is a former elite athlete, having won the England National

Championships in handball. Ceric is married to a renowned fashion designer and has 3 children.

Results-proven, growth-oriented and globally accomplished leader with repeated success in multiple industries and markets, expanding international footprint, building shareholder value, driving vision and achieving critical strategic goals. Successful M&A and restructuring track record.

Ceric appeared live on ITV, BBC, NBC News, N1 (regional CNN), Al Jazeera, FACE TV, FTV, BH Radio as well as in articles in The Times, The Financial Times, The New York Times, Reuters, Time Out London, the Guardian, The Sunday Times, Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, Madame Figaro. He’s been labelled as one of the ‘UK’s Most Powerful People in Art & Fashion’ by the Times Magazine and ‘London’s Top Tastemaker’ by Time Out London. Ceric regularly attends business and investment conferences in Europe and Asia as a panellist and moderator.

Mr. Simon Littlewood, Senior Advisor (CEO of SDG GLOBAL GROUP)

Investing in sustainable businesses and technologies since the 1980s, from concepts and startups, to stock market listed companies, globally & across a wide range of industry sectors. Pioneer and recognized expert in the sustainability sector and in Developing Markets and the finance sector.

Co-founded, grown, financed, listed and sold numerous businesses across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

Currently CEO of a single-family office investing globally, and on the board and board advisor to various listed and private businesses and funds.

Previously with HSBC, PwC, BDO, several specialist funds and investment banks. UK qualified Chartered Accountant (CPA equivalent), BA & Masters in Law, Oxford University.

Mr. Elio Assuncao, Senior Advisor (Founder of Venture Capital World Summit)

With over 20+ years experience in Technology Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Passionate about Innovation with an Open Mind to What is Next, and a reputation for knowledge, and where others look for inspiration and ideas. Pioneer in creating its own vast online international network of key global players, which has enabled the vision to the Venture Capital World Summit as encouraged and supported by many people.

With a background in analysing, designing, deploying technology. Combined with strong project management, business-focus, and resource management delineations in contexts of market awareness and service expectations. An effective self-managed team worker, combined with technical, and supervisory skills.

Now running the Venture Capital World Summit, World Series Seasons of Investment Conferences. Helping Connect the World, Educate, Facilitate unique opportunities, and reward the investment with the entrepreneurial community.

Mr. Romex K Jha, Senior Advisor (Founder of and Co-Founder of, M.Phil. Management, MBA, B.E.)

A human being for a wise economy. Passionate on Conscious business.Believer of Earth Citizenship. A life-long student of school called “Life”.

Mr. Romex K Jha is Founder of, a company based in Nepal for capturing and utilization of CO2 for individual and SME use. It envisions personal capturer for each home and office. He is also Co-founder of, based in US. Greentechtrade is a secure and transparent B2B marketplace that connects green tech companies with buyers looking for environmentally friendly products, services, and solutions. Greentech Marketplace is focused into 4 categories: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency , Sustainable Transportation, Green Innovation Promotion, and trusted supply chain of Technology Metals for the green world.

He founded Rintex Technology in Dubai, UAE ,a MarketTech company for the promotion of blockchain. He also served as CEO of Zillion Bit International to head the global team of blockchain professional to promote decentralized finance , incubating start-ups, and mentoring founders. He Involved in Blockchain space since 2017 in various roles unleashing its power of decentralization and trust building infrastructure.

During Covid-19 period, he also founded Amanob, a B2B consulting company working on business health to support the SME and co-founded ProteKit, a mask designing and contracting company to design and source mask for multiple purpose.

As an ICT veteran, he worked for more than a decade helping telecom operators , building diverse team, educating, and partnering with various stakeholders for a connected society.

He has M.Phil. in Management from UCAM, Spain, MBA Marketing from India in 2020 and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Information from China. He is a multi-lingual professional having worked in APAC, Europe, Africa, and Middle East.

He is fascinated by DAO and always exploring ways for organizing resources effectively for a sustainable and regenerative world.

He is an open, optimistic and believe in living in permanent beta stage and hope to impact through his word and work empowering societies to become more resilient, cohesive, and collaborative.


Bola Olabisi wears a number of hats. With a professional background in law, personal and community development. Bola specializes in compliance law and adding her voice to gender diversity and sustainable development issues. It is of little wonder that Bola has expanded her expertise to building the capacity of women with remarkable ideas. Bola founded and set up GWIIN in 1998 (now known as GlobalWIIN), in the United Kingdom mainly to research, develop & encourage the growth and emergence of women entrepreneurship and women in the workplace bearing in mind the untapped talents that most inventors and innovators bring to the table. Over the years, her experience and skills have extended to cultural competency and authentic leadership skills, corporate management, strategic communications, culture change, project management, sustainable development and stakeholder engagement.

Mr. Marcelo Vivacqua, Senior Advisor (Director of IFIA in LATAM and CEO of Conecta International Business Consultancy)

Veterinary Doctor, Scientist and Academic Professor PhD in Biotechnology, inventor awarded at 13 international fairs, specialist in innovation management, mentor and startup consultant, founder and president of the Brazil International Innovative Inventors, Scientists and Entrepreneurs Association (ABIPIR) and member of the Executive Committee, Director in Latin America and creator of the Startup Global Relations Program of the International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA)

Mr. Takeshi Adachi, Senior Advisor (Director, Division of MRO Business)

Mr.Adachi was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1962. Director, Division of MRO Business, since 2019 Employed at Mirai Iryo Research Center Co., Ltd., responsible for promoting database research using the Tokushukai Medical Database as one of Japanese largest affiliated companies of the Tokushukai Group. After graduating from university, he has consistently been involved in clinical development of drug and clinical trial support projects in the medical field. After joining Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. in 1987, he was involved in the pharmaceutical clinical development department, and was responsible for biostatistical analysis and clinical data management, mainly in the oncology area. In 1995, he joined EPS Co., Ltd., which was in its early stage CRO, and the following year he assumed the position of board member and representative of other subsidiaries. He contributed to the expansion of the company’s listing on the JASDAQ market. In 2004, he started his own company and established Wan Station Co., Ltd. Acting as a bridge between Japan and China, he actively promoted the advance of Japanese companies into the People’s Republic of China in the fields of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Over the next 20 years, he made about 300 times business trips to China, and the connections he built are still being used today. In 2009, he participated in a joint venture with a core company (Beijing Union Medical Science and Technology Development Corporation, as called UMP) under the management of Peking Union Medical College / Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the highest medical school in the People’s Republic of China. assumed the post of chief. (Currently Director General Manager) To date, he is developing a project to support the expansion of Japanese medical companies into the People’s Republic of China. Below, academy history Since 2019, Director of the Professional Committee of Post-marketing Evaluation of Chinese Medicines, World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Since 2017, Executive Director of the Professional Committee of Clinical Research Data Monitoring, World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine In addition, he belonged to the following research institutes for the purpose of promoting various researches related to technical guidance on clinical trials and new technology development. ・Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Medical Epidemiology Lecture Very diligent lecturer(2000-2003) ・Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Yokohama City University (2015-2017) ・Yamanashi University Graduate School, Department of Medical Engineering, Clinical Research Institute, Visiting Associate Professor (2012-2016)

Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar, Senior Advisor (Chairman & Founder at EST Group, Forbes Council Member)

“Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar is the Chairman and Founder of EST Group of Companies and its flagship entity, EST Global Inc., is an enterprise based in the Boston Cambridge MIT ecosystem, incorporated, and operating from Cambridge Innovation Center. Dr. Sindhu, an official Forbes Council Member, has worked his career to global leadership in transforming the financial ecosystem through digital evolution, fintech revolution, and financial inclusion. His platform has 4 verticals: Neo banking digital wallets- BranchX, NEOB, African Payment Gateway: Healthcare – EST Healthcare, Agritech- EST Agrx and finally the Edtech- EST FAB & ICG. He is also working towards Integrated Space Economy for Sustainability and is connected to Space Foundation USA, Artemis Moon Mission and Star Ventures USA.
EST Group is firmly set towards the goal of Socio-economic impact to create Financial, Health, Food and Educational inclusion with the latest technology. This vision is possible through unleashing the potential of emerging technology, understanding countries’ problems, investing in alliances, and partners to complement the global ecosystem of Impact and Inclusion. With an initial beginning in India EST is expanding in Africa and Latin America as well.
Dr. Sindhu is associated with several critical enterprises either as a JV partner or as Advisor. He is also a visiting faculty at several global institutions. He is also part of several books as solo writer, contributor, or part of the editorial team. He is part of several global organizations in various capacities like WBAF, Government Blockchain Association, World Economic Forum, IEEE, and others.”


Rui Dang, Ph.D., FRSA,, Senior Advisor (Health Economist and Health Policy Analyst, Scientific Advisory Committee Member of the European Health Management Association, Program Director of the PGDip/MSc in Applied Health Economics at the University of South Wales in collaboration with Learna Ltd Diploma/MSc)

“Rui Dang, Ph.D., FRSA, is primarily a professor and researcher specializing in health economics, health policy analysis, and health technology assessment. His teaching and research experience spans various countries, including Central Asia, Turkey, Poland, North Macedonia, Brazil, Germany, and the United States. He serves on the editorial boards of three prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals and is part of the scientific advisory committee of the Brussels-based European Health Management Association. Additionally, he works as an external expert for the European Commission and is a member of their knowledge for policy platform’s research community. His focus within the European Commission’s academic stakeholder network is on healthcare system transition, health technology regulation, evidence-based public policy-making, and technology transfer.

As an elected overseas fellow, he contributes to the RSA-Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. He is also a member of the Chatham House-Royal Institute of International Affairs, the World Economic Forum, and the OECD Policy Forum. He is committed to supporting business, social, and technological innovations through knowledge exchange and technology transfer.

Rui holds a Ph.D. degree from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, and master degree from Uppsala University in Sweden.”

Ms.Noleen Mariappen, Senior Advisor (Head for Business, Heart for Good | Emerging Tech for Innovation & Growth | Founder- Impactoverse, CoFounder – Think Ocean | Blockchain/Web3 Real World Value | Sustainability Advisor | Doing Things Differently-for Impact)

Impact entrepreneur & advisor, passionate about business, entrepreneurship and learning with purpose. Aims to bridge the digital divide, for greater inclusion, access and positive impact for people and planet. An advocate of conscious capitalism, tech for good and purpose-driven multi-stakeholder partnerships.


  • Strategy, Operations, Sustainability & Impact
  • Blockchain-based solutions
  • Tech for Good


  • Inclusion
  • Tech & Sustainability
  • Impactful Profit

Founder: Impactoverse – An impact engagement ecosystem, increasing inclusion & access, allowing for agencies, brands and influencers to align with causes, build community, improve earnings and impact outcomes. Bridging the gap from Web2 to Web3. MVP launched and in beta testing mode.
Impactoverse also offers done-for-you blockchain services, specifically for impact focused projects. We support with set up, growth strategies, and development.

Co-founder: Think Ocean – working to end the plastic pollution crisis, save the oceans and develop circular economies. Honored to be a part of the European Commission Horizon Mission, in a bid as one of 22 organisations globally charged with the responsibility of restoring our Oceans and Water by 2030. Our technology will prevent up to 92% of plastic pollution in rivers from reaching the oceans, stopping the problem at source, thereafter developing circular economy initiatives.

Founder: Saffa Global – Sustainability advisory helping businesses make sustainable attainable and maintainable

Co-founder: MedInfo Files – South Africa based, information portal offering digital record keeping and track records with a focus on supporting those who are under-served, allowing for improved healthcare and access to treatment

Founder: Dynami Power – focused on green energy and infrastructure, working alongside Optimal Tech to scale solutions and end energy poverty.

Other engagements:

  • Government Blockchain Association – Sustainability Working Group
  • Digital Mind State – Strategy & Partnerships
  • AUNUA (Supporting Youth on their mission for good, facilitating action toward SDGs) – Non-executive Director
  • Hult Prize ($1 million prize for student led businesses that solve SDG challenges) – Judge and Expert Pool Mentor
  • Africa Projects (Working with key stakeholders to improve sustainable trade in and across Africa) – Partner Consultant
  • World Innovation Alliance – Strategic Partner
  • IntelliAqua (Technology for Sustainable Fish Farming)- VP of Impact
  • Global Women For Good (Transformation Through Collaborative Action, supported by 14 First and Former First Ladies) – Global Director
  • Beverly Hills Choppers & Black Gardenia (Perfumes) – Equity Partner

Ms. Ubani Vivian, Youth Lead Advisor (Expert member of Education Commission, World Innovation Alliance)

Ubani Vivian is an Educator with keen interest in Educational Research, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. She is a member of Delta Epsilon Tau International honor society of Georgia and Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).

Vivian holds a B.Ed in Elementary Education from University of Cross River State Nigeria, Diploma with honors from Ashworth College, Norcross Georgia USA. She has acquired knowledge in leadership and sustainable business strategy from Harvard Business School Online.

Currently Vivian is the executive director of Education Sustainability and Vocational Development Initiative, the CEO Nicbel Foods a startup that produces a range of west African indigenous luxurious snacks. Vivian is a Volunteer, Quality Education Ambassador and the Presidential Youth Leadership Fellow of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Vivian is a recipient of a few awards including the Nigeria Female Educator of the Year by the Nigeria Women Achievers. Through the Hult Prize Foundation as global academic organization, Vivian has worked with and trained Nigeria students in colleges and universities in developing innovative business startups from the On Campus stage to the global accelerator program. In 2020, Vivian co-hosted the Calabar impact summit with the Hult Prize Foundation.

Facilitated physical trainings and webinars in Education, entrepreneurship and leadership across different countries including Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Australia, India, Zambia, USA and Sierra Leone.

Vivian is a TEDx trained speaker with experience in leadership, business, advocacy and program management. Vivian serves as a mentor with Zahara Dream Network NYC and We-In-Africa Initiative respectively. Vivian has acquired trainings, mentorship and certifications which are relevant in her field.

Mr. Reese Wong, Youth Lead Advisor (Founder of ISSIA HK)

Reese Wong is a young changemaker and Founder of ISSIA HK (visit, a youth-led nonprofit that cultivates global citizenship and builds capacity to empower future changemakers through peer-to-peer and project-based learning.

Since 2019, ISSIA has involved over 300+ students from 80+ schools in Hong Kong and beyond, launching 30+ projects surrounding SDG 4 and 17. Reese’s work has been featured on the World Economic Forum, Nasdaq, SCMP, RTHK and more.

As a speaker, he has presented at 40+ engagements, including the World Humanitarian Forum (WHF London 2021) and the Asia Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC 2021). Reese is currently a UNESCO HK Youth Ambassador and was a Youth Delegate at UNITE 2030, YOUNGA 2021 and the World Bank Youth Summit. As a passionate advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals, he aims to lead, innovate and catalyze long-term social impact.

Ms. Ralycia Andrews, Youth Lead Advisor (a cultural activist and aspiring Biological and Cultural Anthropologist)

Ralycia Andrews is a proud Garifuna, Vincentian, aspiring Biological and Cultural Anthropologist, feminist and youth activist.

Currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Cultural Studies at the UWI Cave Hill Campus, Andrews prides herself on partnering with institutions that support diversity, inclusion, equality and sustainability. As a Delegate of the Ubuntu Leaders Academy (UN), a MOVHERS Changemaker, a Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador and a Young Scholar Researcher, her work is driven by ancestral veneration and a need for sustainable development through servant leadership.

With a demonstrated history of working in the cultural and performing arts sector, skilled in writing and conservation issues, Andrews actively engages in activities that focus on Indigenous and African-American women, black historical, cultural and artistic identities and youth engagement.

Mr. Muhammad Yunus Musa, Youth Lead Advisor (Founder and CEO of the STEM Club Project Africa, Youth ambassador of African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA))

Ambassador Muhammad Yunus Musa (DF-FIGHR) is the Founder and CEO of the STEM Club Project Africa , He’s a child rights protection and inclusion Activist and also Diplomatic Fellow of the federation of International Gender and Human Rights, Muhammad is a Certified International Instructor on Sexual and Gender Based Violence and also a Certified International Human Rights Advocate , He is a Member/ Campaigner of the Amnesty International , Member World Youth Alliance and also a Member of the International Association of Engineers and Co-Founder of the #GiveNorthEducationProject .

Muhammad studied computer engineering in the university and graduated with second class upper division degree. He was born and Brought up in the commercial city of Kano State , Nigeria .

Ms. Gyimaah Stella Larbi, Youth Lead Advisor (Rotaract District 9102 (NPO), Deputy District Administrator)

Mis. Stella Gyimaah Larbi is a believer of a new generation of self reliant youngsters and positive changers in the classroom and the world to reduce inequality.

She is a proud Teacher, Trainer. Youngsters and Teachers Development Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Writer, and a Global Schools Advocate with much interest in goal 4, 5, 8 and 10. She teaches English Language with one of the schools under Ghana Education Service. Gyimaah is the Executive Director of “Youngsters and Teachers Hub”. Her work include teaching, consultancy, training, inspiring sessions, grooming and assisting to create strategies in the area of youngsters and teacher development. She runs “She to go” an innitiative to push women and girls to acquire soft and hard skills to break barriers in all domains.

She believes the foundation of a person is key to future success and everybody can make a change positively when the right values, skills and knowledge are acquired.

Gyimaah’s drive is to help uplift the gift in others; to dedicate fully when need be; To learn and come out with theoretical and practical innovations to change the face of learning. She authored “Girls’ and Ladies’ Greatness Guide”, “Getting the Grades” and “Beyond Today”.

She holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Education from the University of Education Winneba (UEW), a Master of Art Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Ghana Legon, an MPHIL in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Education, Winneba, Executive Women in Leadership Certificate from University of Stellenbosch Business School.

【Gyimaah’s recent profile as of 2023】
・Rotaract District 9102 (NPO), Deputy District Administrator
・ELDERS Consult(Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Development, Empowerment, Resource, and Stewardship), Public Relations Officer
・Global Schools Program(NPO), Global Schools Advocate / Mentor
・Ghana Education Service(GES), English Teacher
・Itoday Foundation/Youngsters and Teachers, Executive Director
・Right To Play(NPO), Mentor a Girl Initiative
・Rotary International, Member

【Her awards】
・Ghana’s Most Outstanding Teacher
Issued by National Teaching Council/ Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service · Oct 2022
・Best Participant for DTAC 2022
Issued by Rotaract D9102 · Apr 2022
・Citation of Honour
Issued by Young Global Leaders Network · Mar 2022
・Global Schools Advocate of the month
Issued by Global Schools Programme · Feb 2022
・Global Teacher Awardee
Issued by AKS Education · Nov 2021
・She Essence Award
Issued by Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana · Dec 2020
・Top 50 Finalist Ghana Teacher Prize
Issued by National Teaching Council and GES · Oct 2019
・Greater Accra Region Outstanding Teacher
Issued by Regional Directorate of Education · May 2019
・District Outstanding Teacher
Issued by Adentan Municipal Education Directorate · Feb 2019

Ms. Maria Cristina “Tina” Antonio, Youth Lead Advisor (CEO, Urbiz Garden Bed & BreakfastPresident, San Juan (La Union) Resort Restaurant Hotel Association Inc.)

Maria Cristina “Tina” Antonio is a sustainable entrepreneur, social innovator, and visionary in La Union, Philippines. She holds a degree in Secondary Education, majoring in English, which inspired her passion for environmental communication and community development.

Her commitment to sustainability and social responsibility has earned her a reputation as a business community leader and an environmental champion. Her innovative approach to business has led her to explore various ventures, including a bed and breakfast that prioritizes sustainable practices.

Tina’s Bed and Breakfast – Urbiz Garden – in San Juan is a prime example of her dedication to her cause. Built with sustainability in mind, the bed & breakfast offers guests a unique and close-to-nature experience being among one of the last private coastal forests in the district. The bed and breakfast prioritize supporting the local community by sourcing local materials and services and providing employment opportunities for community members. She continues to upgrade the bed and breakfast with technology such as renewable energy solutions, water recycling systems, and more, hoping to be a model for micro and small business owners to follow.

Tina is also the founder of La Union Soul Movement, a sustainable tourism marketing campaign highlighting San Juan as a sea turtle nesting site. The campaign promotes eco-tourism by connecting business owners to suppliers of sustainable solutions, such as options for sustainable food packaging in the region, while educating tourists on the importance of protecting and preserving the environment.

Her newest venture, together with fellow advocates, the Philippine Alliance for Sustainable Solutions, seeks to create a network of business solutions that focuses on bridging the gap related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and providing these services and solutions directly to the grassroots community.

Mr. Deepak Choubey, Youth Lead Advisor (COO at SchbangQ | ICICI | Harvard | ITC | CERN Product Management & Growth Marketing)

Deepak (COO & MD) is an entrepreneur by passion & profession and currently running SchbangQ, an IT solutions company that builds SaaS products, Mobile apps, and other custom tech products for Scandinavian companies. He is known for his insights on building a global company by integrating cultural nuances.

Before this, he was also leading multiple projects in Risk Management at ICICI Bank, India’s 2nd largest bank, and had a short stint with ITC, India’s largest FMCG company. He was also invited by CERN, Switzerland as 1 of the total 4 researchers from India to work on CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) under the person who played a critical role in the discovery of Higgs Boson, the Gods Particle.

He got the privileged to complete his B-Tech from IIT Madras, India’s no 1 engineering institute. IITs admit only 0.6% of top students from India, i.e. 9000 out of 1.5 million applicants.

On weekends, he likes to spend his time in NGOs to teach underprivileged children because he believes that education is a core ingredient for a beautiful future. Fortunately, five of his students got the opportunity to pursue their higher studies in Japan on a full scholarship. Besides work, he is interested in writing poetry, Yoga & Spirituality and reads Bhagwad Gita in a close circle of entrepreneurs and monks to apply his spiritual learnings in business as well.