Four major elements of the platform

■ Research database and community of researchers

The main service of this platform that gathers research information on science and chemistry as an open platform. Research databases are accumulated by using community to announce specific research themes and original research. The results will be viewed by companies, universities, and foundations to increase trust and authority as researchers.

■ Live video distribution and billing

Distributing the researcher’s own research and thoughts as a live broadcast or an edited video can present the researcher to students, researchers, companies, etc. who are watching it. With this distribution, it is possible to earn points from viewers and convert them to money.

■ Credit rating for researchers

A function to automatically rate research credit information of researchers from various angles using AI, and display them as a score. If this score is high, the quality as a researcher is high, and many benefits such as offers and grants from companies and universities can be enjoyed.

■ Unique incentive

A mechanism that allows researchers to receive fair incentives that do not affect the country’s situation and inflation through research presentations and video distribution on the platform. There are various methods such as cash or debit from electronic money.
This will attract the attention of researchers in developing countries and optimally allocate research funds to scarce funding situations.